About OPEN

Ohio Policy Evaluation Network (OPEN) leads rigorous and innovative research on reproductive health care in Ohio and the region. Our research collaborative launched in 2018 to study how policy affects reproductive health and equity at the state and regional levels.

OPEN’s work builds a more nuanced understanding of how policy and health interact at the population level, while also offering a glimpse into the lived experiences of those most directly affected by structural barriers. Through our research, we seek to improve reproductive health outcomes and uphold autonomy for all Ohioans.

We study:

  1. How medical providers and facilities navigate reproductive health policies and regulations
  2. Changes in how people access and experience abortion care
  3. How systemic inequities driven by racism, classism, and homophobia create disparities in abortion care
  4. Ohioan’s reproductive health knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors

Why is this work needed right now?

OPEN was created to fill gaps in data about reproductive health in Ohio and nearby states. Reliable, inclusive research is essential for creating policy, health standards, and public discourse. We ensure that policymakers, medical professionals, and academics have the knowledge and tools they need to support effective and equitable reproductive health care in our communities. We also train the next generation of reproductive health scholars, ensuring that this work will continue in Ohio and beyond.

Who is involved with OPEN?

OPEN is led by Danielle Bessett, PhD and Alison Norris, MD, PhD. Our interdisciplinary researchers are primarily based at The Ohio State University, University of Cincinnati, and Case Western Reserve University. We also collaborate with community leaders and advocates, as well as researchers from institutions in surrounding states. Please visit our team page to learn more.

Opportunities to participate in OPEN research studies.

Go to our research participation page to learn more about participation in OPEN research studies.

Where can I learn more about the work OPEN does?

Go to our project page to learn more about our specific projects. You can also email us at open@osu.edu for more information.