Current Projects

OPEN’s current research is organized into four projects. Each project focuses on different outcomes and aspects of reproductive health and policy. Each project page below includes the main goals of the research, the research team, and research findings. 

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Abortion Clinic Closures and Care Churn

This project evaluates the impact of state policies and practices on abortion clinics and health care providers, as well as which policies, laws, and regulations contribute to clinic closures and changes in abortion service delivery in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. 

This project explores the lived experiences of Ohioans and residents of nearby states who seek and receive abortion care. By documenting patient experiences and identifying patterns across key characteristics such as poverty, age, and race, our research identifies the constraints people face when seeking abortion care.

This project examines changes in Ohioans use of abortion care over time and across geographic regions within Ohio. We also study differences in use of abortion care among underserved groups in Ohio.

The Ohio Survey of Women is an annual population-based survey of reproductive-age adult women in Ohio to understand their pregnancy intentions, current and past contraceptive use, and sources of reproductive health care supplies and services.