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OPEN’s research is designed with real-world impact in mind.

Through trusted partnerships and inclusive communication strategies, OPEN’s research:

  • Raises awareness about reproductive health inequities and their real-life impact
  • Helps medical providers stay up-to-date on how the political and social environment might impact their patients and practice
  • Informs public health advocacy
  • Gives decision makers data-driven evidence about how policy impacts health

When you support OPEN, you cause a ripple effect. Your support allows us continue generating knowledge about reproductive health care in Ohio and the region. It does not stop there. A critical piece of our work is sharing the knowledge we learn. We have dedicated staff who ensure we share our findings in accessible, engaging ways with our diverse group of stakeholders. Our stakeholders – including health care providers, nonprofit organizations, and policymakers – then use that knowledge to build a more equitable reproductive health environment in Ohio and surrounding states.

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