Ohio Legislation and Litigation

Ohio Laws and Regulations Database (Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code: 1973 – present)

This database documents all enacted laws in Ohio that involve abortion. One tab features all Ohio Revised Code (ORC) statutes and the other includes Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) rules. The ORC section includes 99 statutes; the OAC section remains in progress and is coming soon.

Each entry reflects one law or rule and includes the following information:

  • Section number
  • Effective date
  • Associated bill number(s))
  • Title
  • Codes*
  • Chapter
  • Subchapter
  • Summary
  • A link to the ORC website text for the law or rule
  • Other (additional notes)

*Codes are top-level descriptors of the contents of the law or rule. OPEN assigns these codes to each entry. For example, the codes corresponding to a law that determines what information must be provided to a pregnant person before an abortion, include: “medical emergency,” “medical necessity,” “probable gestational age,” “informed consent requirements,” “liability,” “publication of informational materials,” and “compelled speech.”

Note: We strive to keep all databases as current and accurate as possible. If you notice an error, please let us know by emailing open@osu.edu and we’ll correct the entry as soon as possible.