Abortion Clinic Closures and Care Churn

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This project evaluates the impact of state policies and practices on abortion clinics and health care providers, as well as which policies, laws, and regulations contribute to clinic closures and changes in abortion service delivery in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. We aim to assess the impact of closures and fluctuations in abortion care on abortion access and community health outcomes.

What we’re doing:

  • conducting in-depth interviews with staff of abortion clinics in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia that were closed between 2011-2019 to illustrate the circumstances of clinic closures
  • developing an interactive mapping tool to visualize the impact of abortion clinic closures on regions within Ohio
  • crafting case studies of clinics that are currently facing or have previously faced litigation to remain open
  • reading legislative histories, court documents, media coverage, and interviewing attorneys, advocates, clinic representatives, and would-be patients to study the impact of state-level abortion restrictions on clinics facing potential closure and disruptions in service delivery
  • conducting focus groups and interviews with reproductive healthcare providers and genetic counselors who do not work in free-standing abortion clinics to study the ripple effects of abortion regulations beyond clinic doors


Team Members