Understanding Reproductive Health Needs of Cincinnati Communities

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This reproductive justice-inspired community based participatory research project focuses on the lived experience and reproductive challenges of people residing in Cincinnati neighborhoods. Our goal is to assess reproductive health disparities and community health advocacy within the context of multiple abortion-related laws and regulations.

In order to ensure that local knowledge and expertise guides our work in this area, we constructed a Community Advisory Board (CAB) made up of people who live, work, and/or volunteer in the community. CAB members are mothers, artisans, professionals, women and gender non-conforming individuals who have expressed interests in reproductive justice work and concerns about the sexual and reproductive health disparities that exist within and between low-income Cincinnati neighborhoods. CAB members have shaped the research questions, design, and instruments. Through a series of qualitative interviews, we are assessing issues related to:

  • housing and food insecurity
  • child care
  • education
  • violence
  • transportation and mobility
  • self-care
  • gendered racism
  • stress
  • perceptions of Black motherhood and womanhood
  • contraceptive use
  • issues pertaining to abortion access and care


Team Members