What We Do

Ohio Legislation
and Litigation

OPEN monitors and evaluates the changing legal landscape of reproductive rights in Ohio. This page includes educational resources and databases created by OPEN for public use.

Abortion Clinic Closures
and Care Churn

This project evaluates how abortion clinics and health care providers respond to regulatory restrictions, as well as which policies, laws, and regulations contribute to clinic closures.

Administrators in Ohio’s Contraceptive Safety Net

Our project’s goal is to develop social scientific understandings of the role of administrators in Ohio’s contraceptive safety net in order to inform future contraceptive policymaking.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers: Perspectives of Clients and Staff

Our research assesses the roles and functions of crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) through the perspectives of their staff and clients.

Experiences of People
Seeking Abortion

This project explores the lived experiences of Ohioans who seek and receive abortion care. Our research identifies the restrictions Ohioans face when seeking abortion care.

Investigating Ohio’s High
Infant Mortality

Our research disentangles the complex relationships within the reproductive health system in Ohio to study their impact on infant and maternal mortality and health.

Patterns in Abortion Use in Ohio and Surrounding States

This project examines changes in Ohioans use of abortion care over time and across geographic regions within Ohio. We also study differences in use of abortion care among underserved groups in Ohio.

Reproductive Health in Ohio: The Ohio Survey of Women

The Ohio Survey of Women is an annual survey of reproductive-age women to monitor how key reproductive health indicators change over time in a context of fluctuating policies and legislation.

The Ohio Profile of Contraceptive Access and Use

This state profile will help you understand contraceptive use patterns, gaps in coverage, and changes over time among a range of potential contraceptive users.

Understanding Reproductive Health Needs of Appalachian Communities

This community based participatory research project examines the causes and consequences of restricted reproductive health care among low-income people in the Appalachian region of Ohio.

Understanding Reproductive Health Needs of Cincinnati Communities

This reproductive justice-inspired community based participatory research project focuses on the lived experience and reproductive challenges of people residing in Cincinnati neighborhoods.